October 2023, Albert’s PRL paper is highlighted in Simons Foundation’s science feature article.

September 2023, Our paper, A Spectral Theory of Neural Prediction and Alignment, has been accepted to NeurIPS as a spotlight. Congrats Abdul, Jenelle and Albert!

September 2023, Our paper on Maximum Manifold Capacity Representations has been accepted to NeurIPS. Congrats Teddy and Yilun!

August 2023, Our lab participated in the Analytical Connectionism Summer School 2023 in London

August 2023, Plenary talk at ICML Workshop on High-dimensional Learning Dynamics

July 2023, Our new paper on the role of correlated variability in neural manifold capacity is published in Physical Review Letters (selected as an Editors’ Suggestion, and featured in Physics)

July 2023, Chi-Ning Chou joins our lab as a postdoctoral researcher

July 2023, Our lab receives the Klingenstein Simons award!

June 2023, Jenelle speaks at the Junior Theoretical Neuroscientist Workshop at Flatiron CCN

June 2023, Jenelle’s spotlight paper published in Trends in Cognitive Science

June 2023, Ariel Largen, Francesco Mantegna, Shaunak Bhandarkar, Yichen Wang, and Zijing Wu join our lab as summer interns.

April 2023, Congratulations to Albert Wakhloo, who will be attending Columbia for his PhD in Neural Science

April 2023, Congratulations to Yilun Kuang, who will be attending the NYU for his PhD in Data Science

March 2023, Teddy Yerxa (co-mentored with Eero Simoncelli) and Yilun Kuang present their poster at Cosyne. Jenelle Feather also presents!

January 2023, New Paper in PNAS! Collaboration with Dan Sanes Lab

December 2023, Intern Andrew Ligeralde’s paper got accepted into Neurreps workshop

November 2022, Intern Wanyu Lei presents poster at Deepmath

October 2022, Abdul Canatar and Jenelle Feather joins our lab as postdoctoral researchers

September 2022, Graduate student Sonica Saraf (co-advised with Tony Movshon) joins the lab

September 2022, Our lab joins NYU’s Center for Neural Science. We are now fully joint between NYU and Flatiron Institute

June 2022, PhD candidates Andrew Ligeralde, Aishwarya Balwani, Chi-Ning Chou, and Wanyu Lei join our lab as summer interns. Yilun Kuang also joins the lab as an undergraduate summer intern.

June 2022, Nga Yu Lo joins the lab as a research analyst

April 2022, Our lab’s past & future research directions were featured in Flatiron Scientist Spotlight.

February 2022, New preprint (arxiv): “The implicit bias of gradient descent on generalized gated linear networks”

January 2022, Our lab joins Flatiron Institute’s Center for Computational Neuroscience